Jack Daly!

Update: This is from the 2010 Jack Daly Event, you can watch the Jack Daly interview here.


My name’s Ben Young (Jack was kind enough to make me stand up on the day), like you I attended the Jack Daly conference on Friday.  Was pretty good huh? I definitely enjoyed it.

Now I’ve just put this page up for a couple of reasons,

1) To remind you that Results.com put the event on, they’re the experts at executing, thanks guys we all really appreciate it! You can get to their website here.

2) I was lucky enough (thanks to the Results Guys & Alexander Communications) to be invited to have an interview with Jack the night before.  I thought it was 5 minutes, then it turned into 15, then into 45, then well over an hour! Nonetheless I am getting the video ready for YouTube (these things take time with our upload).  So check back here in future OR send me an email [email protected] with Jack Daly in the subject line I’ll let you know once it’s up.

3) From the aforementioned interview I’ll be preparing some notes (and some articles) – so do check back and send me that email.

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Finally (and most importantly) be sure to check out Jack’s website over here – tonnes of great stuff.

Keep in touch,