Nicest Toilet as a Destination

February 2nd, 2009

Over the holidays I stopped in a small town on the way to my destination (6 hours driving).

I pondered over the success of these small towns to capture people as they drive through.

Some are small art shops, fruit and various other sites.

However most are missing out on an opportunity.

There is no ‘the best’ or ‘remarkable’ stops.  

Come on! You have a monopoly, everyone who is heading to a a destination has to drive past you.  If you play your cards right you will reap the benefits over and over and over again.

On any big road trip there are three things that are needed:

  • Food
  • Petrol
  • Toilets

So everyone needs to stop for these on a decent trip.

I suggest being the best of one of these three, the nicest toilet, the best food, the best petrol service.  

Do something that makes you the best.  Everytime I make the repeat trip, where am I going to stop for one of the above three? At the best of course.

4 Responses to “Nicest Toilet as a Destination”

  1. Simon Young Says:

    Tirau is a great town, from the corrugated iron dog on the library to the quirky antique shops and the Poppy cafe (also corrugated iron)

  2. Ben Young Says:

    Tirau is a great example thanks Simon.

  3. Kelvin Hartnall Says:

    Concerning toilets being a compelling reason to stop in a small town, the entire town of Kawakawa in the Far North has improved significantly since the architecturally designed public toilets were built. We always stop there now on the way up North, and since we’re stopping we also go to the cafe and shop across the street. I suspect there is trickle-down effect on the whole town and it has improved enormously. These really are the most funky public toilets in New Zealand – they even have a photograph in Wikipedia!

  4. Simon Young Says:

    (snigger snigger) Trickle-down effect! Haha…

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