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February 1st, 2009

Taking Monday off for a little R & R I listened to a few podcasts, one of which was Duct Tape Marketing ย Podcast talking to Seth Godin which gave me inspiration for this Monday Ideas Post.

Discussing blogging, Seth had this to say:

“Start a blog even if no one reads it, and this is what people are missing on this whole blogging thing, there are people that are saying its too late, no ones goind to read my blog, Im afraid of writing.

My argument is if you force write yourself to one cogent, intelligent thing every single day that may or may not be written by the public, it will change you, it will make you more analytical, it will make you smarter, it will make you kinder, it will make you more transparent, because you will notice things all day long looking for something to write about next, you will understand the underpinnings of systems, you will be able to see what people are afraid of, because you know your going to write about it, and its hard for me to imagine me to imagine someone who is so busy that they don’t have eight minutes everyday to get those benefits.”

Start a Blog TODAY!ย 

Seth describes almost definitively what I have experienced since starting this blog so I can doubly vouch for the quote.

So go ahead, start it, see what happens. ย I dare you to do so and come back in 6 months and say its hasn’t been for the best.

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