Running Theory

March 4th, 2010

I have a bit of a theory around running

The first run is completely all about what you think you can do.  It doesn’t matter how you fit you are – it’s more about how far you go till your brain says hey buddy it’s time to stop.

The second run (and this can be the very next day) you can magically run up to 1/3 even further.

It’s not that you got more fit overnight – it’s that you realise what you can do and are able to push through it.

Each run for the first week or so is just about stretching ‘what you can do’.

Then you hit your actual limit.  You run at that limit for a few runs.  Take a break.  Come back and own it.

Apply this to most things.  Your performance undoubtedly is what you think you can do rather than what you’re actually capable of.

Never, ever underestimate your potential.

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One Response to “Running Theory”

  1. a dog called dave Says:

    Or just trying running as far as you can (until your brain says stop) – then run back home. You can always go further.

    They do this sort of thing in the army – run people hard all day, then get them back, stop. Then make them run around the parade ground, then stop. Point out to the group that the earlier limit was psychological.

    Then send them back out for another run to drive the point home.

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