Reflection Day

March 3rd, 2010

Please read about the Crazies, they will surely change your perspective (and grow yourself) very rapidly.

Start a blog – even if you don’t share it (although you are missing out) it’ll improve everything you do. Significantly.

What’s happening in the Long Term? The bigger picture? Are your moves of the chess pieces this month helping improve the playing field for your next move?

Rethink your networking ability.

Have you thought about your sales copy? Have you brought it back to the basics? Copy 101.

Thinking about going out on your own? Or plan to one day. ย Read my Going out on your own: Pursuing the passion blog post series (hey it’s been going 8 months now) there are some real gems there.

Do not quash the clever guy.

Finally (and most importantly) turn up. ย And keep turning up.

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