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It's amazing what happens when you give people a place to connect

April 19th, 2010

It really is.

I’ve been quite quiet about what Young & Shand has been doing.  And that’s because I’ve been flat tack!

One project we’ve done is with the SPCA Petfood.  Helping them engage online.

What we noticed right away is people posting pictures of their cats and dogs on the page.

Sharing their own stories.

We didn’t even ask them to! On their own initiative, they wanted to share and had found an outlet.

That above all is the most rewarding part.

(NB: If you’d like to read more about it, including a pdf, jump over here to the Young & Shand blog.)

The ridiculousness of reducing causes to simple variables

February 15th, 2010

Or using opinion to deduce causes for an outcome.

Have to be honest, the world doesn’t revolve on empirical studies, it revolves around irrational people which make irrational decisions every minute of the day.

When there is empirical research chances are it’s wrong anyway (see You’re Always Wrong).

Maybe it is ridiculous to reduce complex problems into simple causes or maybe it’s these ridiculous opinions or nagging gut feelings which help us find a better solution… and be less wrong than we are today.

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