You are always wrong

June 24th, 2009

#11 of the bwagy marketing manifesto:

You are always wrong, you just need to beย less wrong than yourย competitors.”

It is so true – no matter your stance someone can always come up with a solid reason why you are wrong.

Don’t stress about being 100% right, you just need to be less wrong than those you compete with.

(And take action.)

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4 Responses to “You are always wrong”

  1. Craig Dewe Says:

    I disagree ;P

    Better to make a bad decision than to make no decision at all. Good point Ben.

  2. Ben Young Says:

    There’s always one haha! And exactly.

  3. If I’m right does that mean you’re wrong? | bwagy Says:

    […] You are always wrong […]

  4. You’re always wrong! Therefore today’s goal is to be less wrong than yesterday | bwagy Says:

    […] You are always wrong […]

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