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Communicate for what you want to be, not what you are.

May 18th, 2010

Just wish more small businesses would do this!

Communicate for what you want to be, not for what you are.

In their outward communications, sending a strong message, which is bigger than what they are.  Then they can actually grow to that point.

It’s that confidence and reassurance that helps you get there.  Consumers can smell insecurity a mile away.


December 8th, 2008

All communications are in a context.

The music I listen to in the cafe.

The no natural light supermarket

Whether i’m passively watching television or watching a movie.

It’s all within a context and that context influences your message.

The fact that this is delivered via my blog vs the local paper influences the content and the received message.

Now imagine your customer, where they will engage, what is the context, now build that into your message.


November 20th, 2008

Its a meet up of twitter users.

Not sure if thats a new phrase? or how often it’s used.

I have organised a couple and been to a few more.

It’s fun, a whole bunch of people from all walks of life, getting together to meet up.

We take our online networks from online to the real world.

Looking around the table today, it was neat, I couldn’t imagine any other circumstances upon which such unique, different characters would all end up in the same place.

There are different careers, genders, personalities, backgrounds, the common thread was twitter.

In our increasingly virtual world, communications can be via avatars, what you actually say / share with the world.

What I really like is, the bias is gone, judgements are not made on race / age / gender, it’s moreso on what you contribute, and I think thats great.

The internet truly is creating an even playing field for all.  I look forward to the next Tweetup.

Wait, Stop!

November 19th, 2008

The bus driver can’t hear you. He has already driven away.  

He couldn’t care less, you should have been on time,

You should have been there when he cared, when he had time to give you attention.


Oh well the next bus is 10 mins away?  Wrong.  It could be 5 mins away or 25 mins away.

You don’t know.

You know it is coming, but when?

The point is, in the meantime you’ve missed out.

Communications is rapidly changing and has been doing so for years, the bus has come and gone many times, each time it does, you miss out!

So when are you going to be on time jump on board, and give it a shot.  As hey one day its going to be lonely at that bus stop.

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