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Rule of thumb for content producers (aka everyone): record as much as you possibly can, share the best.

July 15th, 2010

In what could possibly be the longest title of a blog post on this blog I just wanted to iterate.

If you’re speaking, running a workshop, doing a presentation – record it!

As a default, record everything, share the best of it.

These days we have incredible leverage and you never know when that content may come in handy.  A future job interview, creating a new product, teleconferencing or webinars.  If you’ve done something once you may as well capture it.  At the least you can watch, listen and analyse yourself to look for improvements.  That alone is worth the effort.

How to? Grab a Flip Cam, great audio and video, easy for anyone to user (even those that you volunteer).

Ten Year Picture

April 13th, 2009

What you do today WILL reflect on you in ten years.

So why would you settle for less than a great post or project?

My theory is life too short to repeat the same stuff over and over may as well get it right the first time round.  

Whilst I have still tripped and fallen it has been a marvelous attitude.

Life Marketing

October 7th, 2008

Let’s connect three ideas:

Great but not Great Enough + The Infinity Assumption + Do What You Love

Creating content that is great enough, making the infinity assumption and around topics that I love.

This is what life marketing is about.

Now it’s not reputation mangement or image management, it’s about life marketing.

Content you create is going to be out there for life, sure you can control it, but in all likelihood it could just as easily be read by your great great grandchildren.

So think about it, does my online image not only represent me as a person professionaly but as a person.

It’s doubly, triply important now.

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