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Micro Businesses

November 9th, 2008

I think we are at a tipping point.

Where all these contextual factors, tip the scales, in favour of Micro Businesses.

Kind of like Small is the New Big.

So what am I talking about? I believe the future is in micro niches, dominated by micro businesses, run by 1 or maybe 2/3 people.

It fits in with a few other trends I have noticed:

  • Desire of Gen Y to ‘do what you want
  • Bootstrapping startups
  • Lower technology costs, meaning you can start a business for nothing that can scale 
  • Handys Doughnut Organisation discussions (shift to project work)
  • Current financial crisis forcing all businesses to remain agile.
  • Slashies trend, where people hold many roles teacher by day dj at night
  • 12 Hour Startup (great way to stimulate innovation)

The idea of micro businesses;

  • Small businesses designed to be agile
  • Garner enough income to live off but big upside potential
  • People will typically have at least 1, but be involved in 3-4.
This is the trend which may become Web 3.0 but buzzwords aside, I think all the contextual factors are in place for this to really take off.   

Think about it, how many people do you know have multiple projects on the go, or have a full time job and a venture on the side growing.

The time is now.

What business ideas do you have that you know would make money and have virtually zero setup costs? What’s stopping you?

Go out, start them, learn, build and most of all have fun.

Small IS the new Big

September 10th, 2008

I keep hearing it more and more.

“We launched with 50% of what we wanted, we could have launched with 10%”

“Scale down, smaller is better”

“Going to the absolute smallest market we can find, now dominate globally”

Just some of the errings.

They’re all right.

As Seth Godin discusses, Small is the new Big.  Big ideas start off small and are being run by small teams.

Go small, focus, be big.

How can we deliver with less? less features, less resources, less employees…. less everything.

Guy Kawasaki’s aim was to just have a couple of guys and make a cool $1m/year (trumeours)

Now magnify his concept by 1000, 1000 micro businesses run by a couple of guys dominating their tiny niche globally.

Small is the new big.

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