The Big Hump

July 8th, 2009

The first time you do something it’s hard. ย The second and third time it gets easier.

The problem is as you repeat something the effectiveness wears off.

The first time someone does something remarkable everyone talks about it, the second time a little bit and the third time so so.

Really it is a race to be first. ย The cool thing is that anybody can be first at something. ย And that is remarkable.

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5 Responses to “The Big Hump”

  1. Rich Says:

    I’m a huge fan of innovators and studying what makes them tick but I read an interesting article about fast followers the other day that shows why it doesnt always “pay” to be first.

  2. Craig Dewe Says:

    Maybe we should specify it’s more important to be perceived as first… rather than actually being first.

    Although the fast followers in that article were also innovators… they innovated on the original innovation to make it work better (and make more money).

    But I agree with Ben on the cool thing being “anybody can be first at something.”

  3. Nathaniel Flick Says:

    It doesn’t only pay to be first, it also pays to do it better.

    Since there’s no new idea under the sun, I say don’t let not being first stop you from being the best.

  4. Ben Young Says:

    @Rich @Craig @Nathaniel Thanks guys for your comments, very much appreciated, it’s a great topic for discussion. It is almost worth nothing to be first at something without anyone knowing – sometimes it helps to blow your own trumpet huh?

  5. Craig Dewe Says:

    @Ben I’d say we definitely *need* to blow your own trumpet… but then I may be biased working in marketing.

    I think this actually holds a lot of kiwi business owners back as we don’t like to promote ourselves. I know that was a mindset challenge I faced for a long time.

    So blow away I say… or something like that… *shrug*

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