Wouldn't it be cool if….

June 11th, 2009

Finish that sentence.  Now do it!

Chances are you’ve been saying this for years.

You know what’s really cool? If you just do it.

Not the easiest – but it’s the most fun and rewarding thing to do.

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2 Responses to “Wouldn't it be cool if….”

  1. Ilai Says:

    Ben, you probably are aware of this but you are very talented at prompting people to think, feel and act. Sometimes in as little as 3 sentences! I admire this very much – and its a welcome breath from the kind of information(entertainment) we absorb everyday which actually dumbs us and numbs us.

    Much Respect.


  2. Ben Young Says:

    Thanks Ilai! I am extremely curious of the world around us and love sharing my passion with people… it is neat to see the spark in someones eye as they experience it as well. -Ben

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