You know what I love about the world today?

February 18th, 2009

You can come from anything anywhere and be what you want to be, which is you.

If you put the hard work in you can pull yourself out of any situation and get there.

The opportunities are there, the funds are there, you can just nail it and do it.

This is a bit obscure.  But really…

Equality is getting closer and closer, the internet is only flattening hierarchies,  I am fortunate enough to be born in New Zealand where it truly is a case of if you want it you can get it (believe me I know).

Just a riff about the world we live in today and in admidst the turmoil it is getting better.

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2 Responses to “You know what I love about the world today?”

  1. Greer Mitchell (aka envirotainment) Says:

    Such a great attitude & great way to start the day reading this post-Cheers Ben :0)

  2. Ben Young Says:

    My absolute pleasure Greer 🙂

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