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Micro Businesses

I think we are at a tipping point.

Where all these contextual factors, tip the scales, in favour of Micro Businesses.

Kind of like Small is the New Big.

So what am I talking about? I believe the future is in micro niches, dominated by micro businesses, run by 1 or maybe 2/3 people.

It fits in with a few other trends I have noticed:

  • Desire of Gen Y to ‘do what you want
  • Bootstrapping startups
  • Lower technology costs, meaning you can start a business for nothing that can scale 
  • Handys Doughnut Organisation discussions (shift to project work)
  • Current financial crisis forcing all businesses to remain agile.
  • Slashies trend, where people hold many roles teacher by day dj at night
  • 12 Hour Startup (great way to stimulate innovation)

The idea of micro businesses;

  • Small businesses designed to be agile
  • Garner enough income to live off but big upside potential
  • People will typically have at least 1, but be involved in 3-4.
This is the trend which may become Web 3.0 but buzzwords aside, I think all the contextual factors are in place for this to really take off.   

Think about it, how many people do you know have multiple projects on the go, or have a full time job and a venture on the side growing.

The time is now.

What business ideas do you have that you know would make money and have virtually zero setup costs? What’s stopping you?

Go out, start them, learn, build and most of all have fun.

November 9th, 2008

You've planted the seed now what?

Keep sowing.

Keep meeting new people, keep blogging, keep the conversations going.

The return will come.

New Marketing isn’t about create x get x.

It’s not a strict formula.

You need to keep investing, and the rewards will come and like your investment they will compound.

This week, as a result of conversations have around my brand some neat things have happend:

  • A referral to become a Mobile Content provider (no work on my behalf)
  • I have heard of another project I have secured (before the official word)
  • Been offered a speaking gig
You think your favourite bloggers gave up after a few months? they kept going for years and years before they got where they are.   So keep sowing.
November 6th, 2008

6 Months In!

Wow today marks 6 months of blogging.

From 1 post a week, to 3 posts a week, to a post a business day. (91 in total).

I just want to thank YOU for reading now, last week and those that were here 3 months ago.

And if you came across the blog at the start, take a bow, pat yourself on the back.

It has now reached a point where the blog receives more attention (in time) than my input. Yay!

I have been wondering whether to increase to two posts a day.

And I have decided no.

That stimulates quantity and dilutes my message.

So I will continue with one post a business day. For now at least.

Thanks again! I really really appreciate all the feedback, comments, support, tweets, emails from all of you.

It is just as important to celebrate the small wins as the big ones.

November 5th, 2008


Leadership is powerful.

Pioneering, Revolution, Change


However leadership is lonely.

You are at the front, carving a new path, and have to endure the flak.

It’s a hard hard battle.

You need to persevere,

Through these hurdles.

To change.

Obama will be reflecting on this today (and realising)

Perseverance is genius.

And THIS is what leadership is all about.

November 4th, 2008

Swear words

Swearing is a short cut.

Jerry Seinfeld said swearing is a short cut for comedians to get a laugh.  So he didn’t swear during his acts.

They are a short cut for expressing yourself (some say lazy).

They are also a short cut for getting your point across.

You will not hear me swear much, if at all.

On the odd occaision you may, when I really want to drive a point home.

Keeps people on their toes and lets them know when I really mean it.

November 3rd, 2008

21st Century Bookstore

A bookstore with a difference.

Mix traditional bookstore + Amazon = a bookstore for the 21st century.

Normal bookstore. 

Build an online store (or co-brand Amazon) using recommendations & reviews off Amazon for use IN the store.

Consumers are not stupid, they know they can get books online cheaper, we go to the bookstore for the experience and we want it now (not in 2-3 days).

If that’s what we want why not enrich that experience?

Provide recommendations and honest reviews of the books, provided by customers.

You can then model purchases, and when someone purchases one book give them an instant 20% off certificate to buy another one, or to give to their friends.

You can see that bookstores are far from reaching their potential.  

What else would you do?

(I’m thinking blogs, communities, facebook, online ordering)

November 2nd, 2008

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