I will never forget

September 3rd, 2009

First year of uni walking along (one way north in dunedin) with my high school friend Mathew.

A McDonalds type cup of coke landed near our feet, we heard beeping and look up to see two hooligans from school yelling abuse.

At that point in time I couldn’t understand how someone could be so angry at someone else (from whom I barely interacted).  They’d displayed the same behaviour at school.  I was never rude to them, or talked to them, in fact my first encounter was to verbal abuse.

You see what I grew to realise it was driven by fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of some kid not willing to compromise his integrity & give up like the others.

This and many other incidents drove me.  When I was down, I realised that to give up was to let them win, let the fear win.

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One Response to “I will never forget”

  1. Dwayne Says:

    Nice one Ben! agree with you.

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