One step back to think two steps ahead

October 15th, 2008

Are you planning ahead? or trying to build / create something new?

Quite often during this process. ย I will say stop.

Take a step back.

Take an overview.

What happens next? What are the next steps?

Are we doing the best thing to make that happen? yes / no?

How can we make sure Step 1, sets up Step 2 and 3 (all in light of the bigger picture).

For example, I am doing a joint venture to do a series of workshops.

We wanted our selling point, so I took a step back and said, What is the conversation that’s going on in our target’s mind?

What are they going to say to their boss that makes them say yes I will pay for that.

Stop. Take a step back. ย Think two steps forward.

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One Response to “One step back to think two steps ahead”

  1. Matt@Kurb Says:

    Feelin’ that, bro. All the downtime I took out over winter to refine is paying off, keen to put new biz on hold once again and head back into some more incubatin’ and growing ideas. May have to hold off til the January quiet time.

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