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A great opening line

November 6th, 2011

can make the sale on the spot.

I was reminded of that on a recent trip to Beijing when the classic opening line was “Is this your first time here?”.  A simple question with an obvious answer but it creates a dialog and that’s all they’re keen to do initially.  The sale of course comes later.

I’ve seen the same in many developing countries, they’re good as they can’t afford the procrastination most of us tolerate.  If you ever need some business inspiration, go to one to find how people that have to think (and live) on their feet everyday do it.  You’ll be amazed at what you learn.

FMCG, RFID & Live Sales Reporting

August 29th, 2010

Sales through retail chains can often be a pain, especially when it comes to reporting, a lot of businesses rely on restock numbers to calculate sales.  Which are of course quite delayed (in terms of reporting) and not often accurate.

So what can you do to get live sales reporting?

Using RFID technology and a detector at the store front (which can be a small unit) you could tell when your stock left the store, hook that up to a 3G device and you can get live sales reporting.

Which would make things much more interesting.  Simple technology, someone please do it, or if it exists implement.

A remarkable hour that I got to spend with Jack Daly

August 3rd, 2010

Now I know many of you (including me) would probably hesitant to engage with someone that calls them a sales coach, however Jack Daly is the real deal, he was Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006 and has built half a dozen (from scratch) national businesses in the US.

On a recent visit to New Zealand (yay!) I was lucky enough (thanks to the Results.com!) to sit down with him and talk business.  Of which I am really grateful for (thanks guys!).

I’ve shared the YouTube videos below, they’re absolute gold, and gold for everyone.

In effect we’re all in sales, we need people on our side (in personal & professional modes) to help us get going from community work to business, if you have the time please have a listen I’m sure you’ll either get value out of it today if not in the future.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:


Thanks again to Results.com & Jack Daly for giving up his precious (and very expensive) time – legends.

Touchpoints, interactions, whatever it's all about connecting and relating

April 29th, 2010

People need to relate to be exposed to a brand a few times before they feel comfortable with it.

Most research seems to put that number at 7.

(Side note: the average sales person gives up after 4 interactions, when the average successful transaction takes 7 interactions.)

That is 7 touchpoints or interactions… (or in short connecting ideas with people).

Did you sign up to Facebook the first time you heard of it? Nope.  You probably heard of it in passing, someone said you should sign up and then eventually you had no choice.

Sales people can get quite technical with this, trying to find shortcuts, to get to the magic number faster.  However it’s not as simple as that.  Once you get that methodical with it you will lose the value.

It’s not the touchpoints which win, it’s that each and everytime you’re building a rapport with your customer.  Making real connections and relating to them.

Never ever shortchange the process…

Honesty is the best sales tactic

December 1st, 2009

Sales Techniques how do you sell someone on what you’ve got?

Honesty is the best tactic.  When you’re honest you feel confident in what you’re selling, it forces you to focus on customers that will receive excess value and builds a strong relationship with your customer.

You can apply the old tried and true sales circles etc but I’ll be honest they do work but they’re not for me.

In approaching sales in the back of my mind is:

  • A best result is where the client receives excess value (and no that doesn’t have to be from me).
  • If we don’t work today I want to have opportunity to work in future.
  • I want motivated customers who want to work for the long term.
  • I want clients I can proudly tell my friends about and that are going to help me in the long run.

Based on this thinking the sales techniques to trick / trap consumers isn’t the best approach.

Thus approacing each meeting with the idea:

  • Best for client
  • Both reap excessive value
  • Be honest
  • Straight up: this is what I’ve got, this is what it’ll do and here’s what you need to do next

Is going to arm you with a solid way to sell your product to the right people and grow your business.

Consumers are increasingly sophisticated they want to be looked after they can read a sales pitch and it makes them uncomfortable.  Transparency is the only winning approach.

One step back to think two steps ahead

October 15th, 2008

Are you planning ahead? or trying to build / create something new?

Quite often during this process.  I will say stop.

Take a step back.

Take an overview.

What happens next? What are the next steps?

Are we doing the best thing to make that happen? yes / no?

How can we make sure Step 1, sets up Step 2 and 3 (all in light of the bigger picture).

For example, I am doing a joint venture to do a series of workshops.

We wanted our selling point, so I took a step back and said, What is the conversation that’s going on in our target’s mind?

What are they going to say to their boss that makes them say yes I will pay for that.

Stop. Take a step back.  Think two steps forward.

Big Buck Bunny

August 21st, 2008

Big Buck Bunny.

Great video.  Check out www.bigbuckbunny.org (stream via vimeo here).

Big Buck Bunny was created to showcase the Blender software.

What better way to sell a product (although as its open source funded by donations not direct selling) than to show us of its capabilities.

Reminds you of classic sales.

Sell the sizzle.  The great animations you can make.

Don’t sell (pitch) me.  Show me.

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