Wear your customers shoes for a day

November 3rd, 2009

No I’m serious do it.

The biggest barrier I find operating at the edge is executives who don’t want to do something new because they don’t know what is is, they would never read a blog or engage with brands on twitter.

All I can say is, put yourself in your customers shoes, in fact wear them for a day. ย Get some real perspective, you can’t go on assuming that YOU are your customer – that’s stupid.

Consequently I don’t work with those people…

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2 Responses to “Wear your customers shoes for a day”

  1. Wayne Attwell Says:

    I have a saying that I’ve subscribed to for many years…

    “Before you can be a bull you must first be a bullfighter”. If more clients did this they would all be better marketers by a factor of 10x.

    Agreed, cut the unenlightened free so that they may roam the marketing wilderness.

  2. Keep Up The Good Work | The WaveAdept Blog Says:

    […] Young blogged the other day about wearing your customers shoes for a day, and from an IT point of view, the customers are the people who have to use the systems and tools […]

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